Creating an event - Create Event (from dashboard) vs Community Event

When creating a new event or game, you should first determine what type of event, your overall objectives with the event and the group of players involved.

If this is a quick game for today with a few friends, a Play Now game from your Player Dashboard is probably perfect to get it setup and hit the tee box quickly. To do so, check out these videos:

Adding Friends For Play Now Games

Creating a Play Now Game

If you are wanting to do ANY of these types of events, you will need to create that event within your Community:

  • Ryder Cup
  • Multi-Round Events
  • Any group of rounds where you desire to have overall leaderboards, standings or reports
  • Ongoing games with a consistent group of players - league, group

To setup a Community event, check out these videos:

Creating A New Community

Creating an Event in Your Community

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