Setting Up a Single Round Event

A single round event is designed for any round that will stand alone on the results, and is not intended to be connected or rolled up with any other rounds or events. Once the single round is complete, the results will be finalized and the event locked and everything is complete.

(Note: A Ryder Cup event must always be setup as a multi-round event, even if it is only for a single round. Setting Up a Ryder Cup Style Event)

A single round event can be created it two ways:

  1. As a quick Play Now event with your established Friends (usually intended for 5 or fewer players as a one-off game) Creating a Play Now Game
  2. As a new single round event in your Community (for 2+ tee time groups, leagues and consistent group daily game play) Creating an Event in Your Community
  3. If you aren't sure which is best for you, this video will help you decide: Creating an event - Play Now vs Community Event

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