Getting Started (New League)

Welcome to Unknown Golf, this guide will walk you through all of the steps to Set Up your League and Create your First Event. Additional Help Articles can be found at

If you would like an Interactive Walk Through of the Platform with an Unknown Golf representative. You can contact us at, the Zoom Meeting will walk through the set up your League and First Event allowing you to ask questions at any time.

We recommend following the Below Steps:

If you have not yet created your League, Reference Article How to Create a Golf League?
  1. League Settings
  2. League Players
  3. Create an Event
  4. Live Scoring by Players
  5. Official Scoring (Add / Edit)

League Settings

You will want to validate and confirm your League Settings

  1. League Directors - Set who will the same security access to make changes as you. Reference Article League Directors (Add / Edit)
To set a League Director, they will need to have an User Account with your League. See League Players below on how to add users to your League.
  1. League Golf Courses - Set the Golf Courses that your league will play, these courses will be the only golf courses available when creating an event to play. Reference Article League Golf Courses (Add / Edit)
  2. League Logo - Set the Logo for your League, along with any Logos that you want to make available for your print material (Scorecards, Cart Signs, etc...) Reference Article League Logos (Add / Edit)
  3. League Contacts - Set the League Leadership with contact information to be displayed on your League Homepage. Refer to Article League Leadership Homepage Display (Add / Edit)
  4. League News - Set your first League News article and upload an Image for the News Background. Reference Article League News (Add / Edit)

League Players

You can Add players yourself, or send them information for them to Join your League.

  1. Add Players - Add your League Players. Reference Article League Player (Add)
  2. How Players can Join Your League - Communicate to your players how they can join your League. Reference Article Join League


  1. Send Player Welcome Email - Send a Welcome Email to your players notifying them of your league with a "1-Click" button to verify their information and access your League. Reference Article New League Player Welcome Notification

Create an Event

It is important to note that when creating an Event for your League, you will want to following the steps below and ensure you are Creating the Event in your League and NOT in your Player Portal. Events Created in your Player Portal have limited functionality and are designed for 5 or Less players (Single Tee Group).

There are two types of Events that you can create:

  1. Single Round Event - Consisting of only 9 or 18 Holes played on 1 or more Golf Courses. Reference Article Create Single Round Event (Guide)
  2. Multiple Round Event - Unlimited number of 9 or 18 Hole Rounds where the format and payouts can be the same or different for each Round, plus the Format and Payouts can be set to include the scores from ALL or SELECT Rounds for an Overall Results / Payout.
Is your League or the Event for a Travel Trip or an Event that includes Multiple Rounds?

If you answered Yes: We recommend contacting Unknown Golf for assistance in configuring the Event, or send Unknown Golf all of the information on your Event and they will configure it for you.

Contact Unknown Golf Concierge at

Live Scoring

Your players can keep Live Score for an Event through their Smart Phones. Reference Article How to Enter Live Score.

On the morning of the Event, your players will receive an Automated Email with a direct link to Keep Live Score, no need for them to Log in, just click the "Enter Live Score" button in the email.

You can also print a Live Score Flyer that contains a QR Code, where all your players need to do is Scan the QR Code with their Phone to starting keeping Live Score. Reference Article Print Live Score Flyer & Instructions

Player Official Scores (Add / Edit)

Scores kept by the Players through Live Scoring will show up on the Live Leaderboards, but will not show in the Official Results until their Live Scorecard is Signed at the end of their Round (Auto Signed if not signed within 15 Minutes of the Round Completed).

As a League Director, you can Add a Score to the Official Results for a Player / Team or edit a Score that has been entered through Live Scoring. Reference Article League Event Scores (Add / Edit)

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