How to Enter Live Score

Whether entering Live Scores for your Tee Group, or to view the Live Leaderboard for an Event, you want to start by going to the "Player Portal". If you are just logging into Unknown Golf you should land on your "Player Portal" page, or if you are in one of your Leagues, you can get to your "Player Portal" by using the menu navigation.

Enter Live Score from Player Portal

On your player portal (on the day of the event) at the top you will see the Event Listed under the "In Progress" section with a big yellow "Play Now" button. To enter the Live Score Portal to keep score or to view the Live Leaderboard(s) click the "Play Now" button.

Begin Keeping Score for Tee Group (Live Scorecard Settings)

After you enter Live Scoring for the event, to being keeping score for your Tee Group, click on the "Enter Hole Score" icon. You will first be presented with the Players you will be keeping score for with your Assigned Tee Time and Start Hole. If any of the players do NOT show up to play, you can remove them from your Scorecard by clicking the red "X" next to their name.

When starting to keep score, the Tee Time, Start Hole, and Players initially loaded will default to the Tee Group information set for the Event. If the Event is not a "League" event, then all players Signed Up for the Event will be added to the Scorecard.

League Event Only - If a player shows up to player that was not initially set to play with your Tee Group, you can use the "Add Player to Scorecard" field to search for the player to add. The Player must have an active player in the League to be added to the Scorecard.

Enter Hole Score

After saving the "Live Scorecard Settings", you be taken to the start hole to start keeping score. Each hole to enter score will always default to the Hole Par, and you change the score for each player by clicking the Plus or Minus Buttons.

The Scores for each hole are NOT saved until you press the "Save Hole Scores" button. Clicking the "Next" or "Prev" buttons to changes holes will NOT save the score.

Change / Update Hole Score

You can change a hole Score at any time by using the "Next" or "Prev" buttons to move to that hole, or by clicking on the Hole Number at the top of the page and selecting the hole score that needs to be updated.

Round Complete Sign Live Scorecard

After you have entered the scores for all 18 Holes (or 9 Holes if 9 hole Event), you will be taken the Scorecard page for your Live Score which will show the Hole by Hole Score for each Player / Team. At this time if you need to make a change to a Score, you can click the "LiveScoring" logo at the top of the page to get back to the Live Score Homepage and then click the "Enter Hole Score" button get to get to the Hole Scores to update.

If all Scores look good, you want to press the "Sign Scorecard" button which will submit the scores to the Official Event. Once you Sign the Live Scorecard, you will NOT be able to change any scores, after the scores are submitted to the official event only a League Director can modify the scores.

Your Live Scorecard will be automatically Signed 15 minutes after you enter the last score for the Event. Please ensure you review your Scorecard, correct any scores, and Sign the Scorecard before it is Auto Signed and Locked for you to make any changes.

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