League Event Scores (Add / Edit)

To Add or Edit a Player / Team score for a League Event, go to the Event homepage (Round homepage if multi-round Event).

Add / Edit Score

On the Event homepage scroll down to the "Add / Edit Player Score" section, you will see a field to Search for a Player or Team.

Enter the name of the player or a player on the team. The Player / Team scorecard will be displayed, allowing you to enter / update the score.

Enter / Update the hole scores and click the "Save Score" button.

You can also click on the Player's Name in the Scores listing and it will pull up their Scorecard for editing.

Delete Score

A score can be deleted by pulling up the Player / Team scorecard as called out above to Add / edit a Score and then clicking the "Delete Score" button.

Update Player Tee Box

If a player has a score entered with the wrong Tee Box that they played from, you can pull up the player's Scorecard and change the Tee Dropdown to the Tee Box that they played. Please note that once you change the Tee Box, the player's Handicap will auto update in the HC box of the Player's Scorecard.

Once you update the Player's Tee Box, the updated Tee Information will be sent to GHIN as called out in the "Posting Scores to GHIN" section below.

Update Player Handicap for Score

After a score is entered or when manually entering a score for a player, you have the ability to change the Player's Handicap by updating the number in the HC field of the Scorecard. A "+" handicap should be entered using a "-" notation, so if the player is a +5, then you should enter -5.

Player DQ / Withdraw / Not Finish

If a player was Disqualified, Withdrew, or did not finish the round, you can mark them as so on the Scorecard. Pull up the Player's Scorecard as called out above in the Add / Edit Score section and change the "Withdraw" dropdown from "No" to "Yes".

Posting Scores to GHIN (Automatic)

When entering, updating, or deleting a Score, if the player has a GHIN Number associated with their profile and the Event is configured to post the scores to GHIN, the scores / updates will automatically be posted to GHIN on Score Save and deleted from GHIN on Score Delete.

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