Tee Times / Pairings (Auto Create Tee Times)

To auto create Tee Times for your event, start by going to the Event homepage and then clicking on the "Tee Times" button at the top.

Auto Create will only create the Tee Times, it will not assign your Players. After you Auto Create the Tee Times, you will need to Auto Assign or Manually Assign the players to the Tee Times that were auto created

To Auto Create the Tee times, click on the "Auto Create Tee Times" button at the top of the Event Tee Times page, and select which method to Auto Create:

  1. Shotgun - A Shotgun is where all Tee Times start at the same time of the Day, but start on different holes or some holes have may have more then 1 Tee Times designed by an "A" or "B" Tee Group notation.
  2. Tee Times - All Tee Times will start on a specific hole with a defined amount of time between Tee Time.
If your Event / Round is using multiple golf courses, you will need to perform the Auto Create for each golf course. Additional information for Tee Time using Multiple Golf Courses can be referenced on article Tee Times (Multi Course Event / Round)

Auto Create for Shotgun Start

When creating tee Times for a Shotgun, the "# of Tee Times" needed will always be preset based on your number of players and 4 Players Per Tee Time. If you need addition tee times, you can manually increase the number listed for any of the holes or the overall "# of Tee Times" field.

The Listing of holes with numbers assigned to each is the number of Tee Times that will be created for that hole. If 2 is designated for a hole, then the hole will have an "A" and "B" Tee Time group starting at the specific time.

If you are creating more then 18 Tee Times, you will want to confirm which holes you have more then 1 Tee Group assigned to Start. As a best practice you will want to space these out depending on your Course Layout, it is not recommended to group them all together on consecutive holes.

Auto Create Tee Times Start

When creating by Tee Times, you will need to select the Start Time for the first Tee Time, the hole number where all tee times will start, the number of Tee Times to create and then lastly the interval between Tee Time.

If your event is a "Split" Tee Time start, meaning you have tee times starting on Hole #1 and #10 at the same then, then you will want to Auto Create the Tee Times Twice, once for the Times starting on Hole #1 and then once for the Tee Times starting on Hole #10

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