I am not receiving Email from Unknown Golf

If you are not receiving email from Unknown Golf, please check your SPAM / JUNK folder in your email client as the email may be flagged by the SPAM filter.

Have you Received email from Unknown Golf Before?

If you have received email from Unknown Golf before and you are a member of League, you may have accidently unsubscribed from receiving email, to check your Email Settings reference Email Preferences (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)

Still have not received email

If you have checked checked your SPAM / JUNK folder and do not see the email, and you have confirmed that you are NOT unsubscribed from email, you may then want to Contact Unknown Golf for help or your League Director if you are a member of a League.

Some corporate email addresses flag Unknown Golf email, if you are using a corporate email address you may want to change to your personal email

Steps to Ensure Email Delivery

to better ensure you receive the email, you can take the following steps:

  1. In your email client "Whitelist" all email from "UnknownGolf.com" domain
  2. Add the email address notification@unknowngolf.com to your list of contacts in your email client address book

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