League Event Results (Add / Edit)

Before any Results can be manually added or edited for an Event, the Results need to be Finalized. To finalize the Event Results, please refer to the following article Finalize League Event Results

Once your Results are Finalized, you can now add / edit the results by clicking on the "Edit Results" button located in the Results section on the Event Page.

You can filter the Results to view for a specific Leaderboard by selecting the Leaderboard from the Dropdown located just under the "Administer Results" section

Add Result

To add a Result(s), click the Add Result Button and then select your Leaderboard to add the result to and then the Player / Team information including their winnings.

Place, Score, Hole, Win Amount, Win Points, and Description are all OPTIONAL, you do not need to enter values for these fields if it is not relevant to the result.

Edit Result

To edit a results, click on the "Edit" link to the far right of the Result to Edit.

Delete Result

To delete a result, click on the "Delete" link to the far right of the Result to Delete.

Set Results Hidden / Viewable

Refer to the article Hide / Show League Event Results

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