Hide / Show League Event Results

After you Finalize the Results for an Event, you have the option to Hide or Show specific Results or All Results. For additional information on Finalizing results, refer to the article Finalize League Event Results

To update the visibility for Results, click on the "Edit Results" button under the Results section on the Event homepage.

If the Results have NOT been Finalized, then NO results will show on the Edit Results Page. To Finalize Results, refer to the article Finalize League Event Results

Set Results Hidden / Viewable

If you want to hide a result(s) so that they are not viewable on the Event Homepage:

  1. For each Result, there is a "Show / Hide" column, if "Hide" is being displayed that mean the result is viewable, if "Show" is being displayed that means that the current result is Hidden. Click on the word "Show" or "Hide" for the result to toggle the visibility.
  2. You can update all results with in a Flight to Show or Hide, by choosing an action from the Public View dropdown located at the top section of each Flight Results.
  3. You can set ALL results Hidden / Viewable or ALL results for a specific Leaderboard by clicking on the "Update Public View" button at the top of the page, and then selecting the action you want to take for All Leaderboards or a specific Leaderboard.

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