Complete / Finalize Results (League Event)

When your Event is complete, and you have validated the scores, you can finalize the results by the following:

Single Round Event or Round for Multi-Round Event

On the Event homepage, click the "Finalize Results" button located in the Results section.

If the "Finalize Results" button is not displayed, then your results have already been finalized and you will need to "Recalculate" the Finalized Results. To recalculate, click the "Edit Results" button located in the Results section, and then click the "Calculate Final Results" button.

Multi-Round Event (Overall Results)

Results are NOT auto calculated for Multi-Round Events, you will need to calculate the finalized results before you can see the results and payouts. To calculate the Finalized results, on the Event homepage click on the "Official Results" button at the top of the page and then click "Calculate Final Results" button.

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