Setting Up A Multi-Round Event

A multi-round event must always be setup in a community. The multi-round allows you to create overall leaderboards that totals up scores/points/money from individual rounds.

Some important videos to watch as you get started creating your multi-round event.

Creating A New Community

Creating an Event in Your Community

Once your Community is established, here are the specific steps to create a multi-round event within that Community.

  1. Add the course(s) you plan to play to your community if they are not already there (approximately the 1:20 mark of the above Creating A New Community video)
  2. Start a new multi-round event
    1. Add players
    2. Add overall event leaderboards
  3. Setup round 1
    1. Create teams for the round (if applicable)
    2. Set the tee times and pairings for the round
  4. Repeat Step 3 for additional rounds to be played
  5. Validate setup to look for potential errors at event or individual round level
  6. Simulate each round to verify all leaderboards are working and overall scores are totaling properly
  7. Remove simulated scores from each round

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