Why are Results Not Showing?

If your results are not showing, please perform the following checks:

Single Round Event or Round for Multi-Round Event

  1. Run the Event Validator for the Event / Round and check that all Errors and Warnings have been corrected or confirm that you are accepting of the Errors per your Set Up. The Event Validator can be found on the Event homepage by clicking the "Validate Set Up" button towards the top of the page.
  2. (Most Common Error) Is Your Event Configured to use Flights but you do not have any Flights set? Check your Event Settings, and if your event should NOT be flighted update the settings, or if it should be flighted set the Flights for each Leaderboard.
    1. Article on Event Settings League Event Settings (Single Round)
    2. Article on Setting Flights League Event Flights (Add / Edit)
  3. Do you have Places defined for each of the Leaderboards that are receiving Results? The number of places shown in the Results will be the number of places that is defined for each Leaderboard, it is possible you do NOT have any places listed for Leaderboard(s).
    1. Article on Leaderboard Settings Configure Format & Payouts for League Event
  4. Have the Results for your Event been "Finalized" and then you made a change to the format or Scoring? You can recalculate the finalized results by clicking on the "Edit Results" button on the Event homepage under the results section, and then clicking the "Calculate Final Results" button.
  5. If you have validated all 4 steps listed above and your results are still not showing, please contact Unknown Golf for Technical Help.

Multi-Round Event (Overall Results)

  1. Results for Multi-Round Events are NOT auto calculated and displayed, you will need to calculate the final Results for them to be displayed on the Event Homepage.
    1. Article on Calculating Final Results Finalize League Event Results

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