Can a Single Round Event be Played over Multiple Days?

Yes, If you have a Single Round Event that is to be played over multiple days, follow the below steps:

When setting up the Event, you want to follow all of the steps in the quick start Guide, with the below changes. For the Quick Start Guide, refer to the article Quick Start (League Single Round Event)

  1. Event Date - When setting the Event date for the Event, set the Date to the "LAST" day that is available for Play.
  2. Tee Times - If you are going to print out the "Live Score Flyer" for the players to keep score, you will need to assign the player's to a Tee Time. Create the necessary Tee Times for the Event and Assign the Players to a Tee Time with the players they will play with.
    1. If it is NOT known when or who will play together for the Event, you can quickly set a Tee Time, Assign the Players, and Print the Live Score Flyer when the players check in on the day they want to play. For information on the Live Score Flyer, refer to article Print Live Score Flyer & Instructions (League Event)
The Live Score Flyer will print based off of Tee Times, you do NOT have any Tee Times set, then you will NOT be able to print the Live Score Flyer for the event.

Event Set Up (Alternative)

You can set up a Multi-Round Event with a Start and End Date, but only add 1 Round to the Overall Event. With this set up, the Event display in the "In Progress" section on the Player Portal for the duration of the Event, giving your players the option keep live score with out the Live Score Flyer and just clicking on the "Play Now" button on the Player Portal when they are ready to play the Event

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