Player Handicap & Playing Tee (League Event)

To manage the Players Handicap and Tee Box for your event, start by going to the Event homepage and then clicking on the "Player Handicaps" button at the top.

When a player is Signed Up for an event, the player's Handicap will loaded by default based on the "Player Handicap Settings" defined in the League Settings. For additional information on the player handicap settings for an Event, refer to the article League Event Settings (Single Round)

Player Handicap Index

The Player's handicap Index can be manually updated, and on save will automatically re-calculate the Player's Course and Playing Handicap.

Player Course & Playing

The Player's "Playing" Handicap is the primary Handicap the player will play too for the Event unless specified differently in the Event Leaderboard(s) configuration. You have the ability to manually update the Player's Course and Playing Handicap.

Unlike manually updating the Player's Handicap Index, updating a player's Course Handicap will NOT automatically recalculate their Playing Handicap

For additional information on Course vs. Playing Handicap, refer to the article Course Handicap vs. Playing Handicap

Manual Update of Player Course or Playing Handicap

When manually updating a Player's Course or Playing Handicap, an reason entry is required that will be displayed on the Player's Handicap Explanation. If the Player does have an Index set, then the reason is not a required field.

Player Tee Box

Updating a Player's Tee Box will automatically update both their Course and Playing Handicap.

If the Player does NOT have a Handicap Index defined, the update to the Player's Course and Playing Handicap will assume a Handicap Index of 0.0

If needed you can then manually change the Player's Course and Playing Handicap after updating the Course Tee Box.

Explain Handicap

When clicking on the bullhorn to the right of each player, they will be shown the detail of how the player's Course & Playing handicap was calculated.

Clicking on the "Email to Player" button will send an email to that player with a "1-Click" button to show them how their Course & Playing Handicap was calculated for the Event.

Re-Load Handicaps

Reloading the Player(s) handicaps will re-calculate the Player's Handicap per their Handicap Index and Course Tee you currently have set for them. Re-Loading a player(s) handicap will NOT:

  • Will NOT change a Handicap Index if you currently made a change to the player's Index
  • Will NOT change the Player's Tee Box if you currently made a change to the Player's Tee

The objective of re-loading the Player's handicaps are to calculate the "Course" and "Playing" handicap per the Event Settings and the Handicap Index and Tee Box for the Player.

Multi-Round Event (Multiple Courses)

If the Event is a Multi-Round Event, when you access the "Player Handicaps" from the overall event homepage (NOT from a Round Homepage) you will see a dropdown at the top of the Player Handicaps section with a Course name allowing you to switch to other courses that are configured to be used for the Event.

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