Course Handicap vs. Playing Handicap

The Course Handicap is a calculation of a Handicap based off a Handicap Index, Tee Box Slope, Tee Box Rating, and Tee Box Par.

The Playing Handicap is the Course Handicap + applying any handicap allowances.

Example, an Event that is configured to be 90% of the player's Handicap could have a Player that is a 10 Course Handicap and 9 Playing Handicap.

League Events

All Leaderboards for League Events can be configured to use either the a Player's Course Handicap or Playing Handicap.

Example, for an Event you could configure a Team 1x Net Leaderboard that uses the Player's Playing Handicap which is set to be 90% of Course Handicap, and then you could add a Skins Leaderboard that you want to use the Course Handicap.

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