Golf course slope, rating and/or handicap holes wrong or missing

On occasion you may find the course slope, rating and handicap holes in Unknown Golf don't match the scorecard, or are missing altogether. Unknown Golf pulls all data directly from the USGA database and does not manage any of the updates for courses. Whatever the USGA has is what is transferred to Unknown Golf.

This can be due to a few factors:

  • Course was re-rated but still working thru old scorecards
  • Course was re-rated and scorecards are correct but there has been a communication disconnect between the course > state golf association > USGA to get it upddated in their system.
  • International course that doesn't have a clean system for transmitting their info to the USGA.

When you identify this situation, you have three options:

  1. Consider the USGA info that is in Unknown as the source of truth and utilize that for handicapping purposes (assuming there is info, it just doesn't match the scorecard)
  2. Contact the golf course in advance to alert them and have them contact their state golf assocation to get the course data updated with the USGA
  3. Create a custom golf course with the info from the scorecard (Video: How to Create a Custom Golf Course)

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