League Event Flights (Auto Create & Assign)

To Auto Create and Assign Players / Teams to the flights for your event, start by going to the Event homepage and then clicking on the "Flights" button at the top.

If your Event is set to NOT Flighted or Auto Flighted in the Event Settings, then the Flights button will NOT show on the Event homepage
Each Leaderboard that is defined for the Event will have its own set of Flights. To view flights for a different leaderboard use the "Leaderboard" dropdown located just under the "Administer Flights" section.

Auto Create & Assign Flights

Auto Create & Assignment of Flights is performed for a single Leaderboard at a time. If you have 3 Leaderboards (Player Stroke Play Gross, Player Stroke Play Net, and Team 1x Net) then you will need to auto assign the Flights 3 times, once for each Leaderboard.

To Auto Assign, click the "Auto Assign" button under the Administer Flights section at the top. You will have the Option to Auto Create the Flights by setting a Fixed # of Flights, or by setting a Fixed # of Players for each Flight.

The ranking of the Players / Teams to be assigned is defined by the Handicap Type of "Playing HC", "Course HC", or "Handicap Index".

After you Auto Create & Assign the Flights, if you have additional Leaderboard that should have the same set of Flights, you can use the "Load from Leaderboard" function to copy the Flights that you just created to another Leaderboard.

Tie Breaker

When auto assigning players or teams to flights, and the there are ties for the last spot in the flight, the below is used to determine who wins the tie breaker and who goes to the next flight:

Team Tie Break

  • Team with the Player that has the lowest Handicap Index
  • Team with the lowest Total Handicap Index

Player Tie Break

  • Player with the lower Handicap Index

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