Flex Player (League Event)

When Signing Up players for a League Event, there is an Option to Sign Up Flex player in the Sign Up Player(s) Section of the Event.

A Flex Player exists only for this Event, the player statistics for Flex Players will NOT be tracked, and Flex Players will NOT have access to your League. They will only be able to view scores on the Unknown Golf Public site (www.unknowngolf.com) or by logging into Live Scoring through the Live Score Flyer.

The "Flex Player" functionality was designed for Charity / Corporate outings where you just need to add player's in Name and also for League Play where you have a player come play with you that is very unlikely to play with you again.

If you set a GHIN # when signing up a Flex Player for an Event, the player will be added to your League as a "Non-Member" and signed up for the Event as a standard League Player.

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