Quick Start Guide (New League Set Up)

Welcome to Unknown Golf and your new League, this is a guide to help you getting started configuring and setting up your League.

League Settings

You will want to validate and confirm your League Settings

  1. League Directors - Set who will the same security access to make changes as you. Reference Article League Directors (Add / Edit)
To set a League Director, they will need to have an User Account with your League. See League Players below on how to add users to your League.
  1. League Golf Courses - Set the Golf Courses that your league will play, these courses will be the only golf courses available when creating an event to play. Reference Article League Golf Courses (Add / Edit)
  2. League Logo - Set the Logo for your League, along with any Logos that you want to make available for your print material (Scorecards, Cart Signs, etc...) Reference Article League Logos (Add / Edit)
  3. League Contacts - Set the League Leadership with contact information to be displayed on your League Homepage. Refer to Article League Leadership Homepage Display (Add / Edit)
  4. League News - Set your first League News article and upload an Image for the News Background. Reference Article League News (Add / Edit)

Your League Preferences

  1. Advanced Email Preferences - Set your advanced email preferences for the notifications you would like to receive. Reference Article Email Preferences (Subscribe / Unsubscribe

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