Leaderboard Configuration - Match Play (Wheel)

Match Play (Wheel) - Match Play Wheel is where a Wheel Team / Player is set and then all other Players (If Single Player Wheel) or Team Combinations (If Multi-Player Wheel) have a match against the Wheel Team / Player

The Match Play Wheel Leaderboard can be used for events where scores will be entered on each hole for either a Player.

Leaderboard Common Configurations

This leader has the following common configurations available with links to their articles:

  1. Base Configuration - The Base configuration for the Leaderboard, refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Base Settings

Team Score Configuration

The Team score is built though the Team Best Ball Configuration, reference Article Leaderboard Configuration - Team (Best Ball) Stroke Play

Match Play (Wheel) Configuration

Player Points are the addition of the points accrued in the following sections:

  1. Overall Match (Win / Lose / Tie)
  2. Match Hole (Win / Lose / Tie)
Wheel off of Lowest Handicap of Match

This is NOT an option for this Leaderboard, all matches will be played with the player's / team's full Playing Handicap.

Overall Match Points (Optional)
  1. Point(s) for Match Win / Loss - (+) Points awarded for winning the match, (-) Points awarded for losing the match
  2. Point(s) Tie Match (Pts) - (+/-) awarded for tying the match
Match Hole Points (Optional)
  1. Point(s) for each Hole Won / Loss - (+) Points awarded for EACH hole won, (-) Points awarded for EACH Hole lost
  2. Point(s) for each Hole Tied - Points (+/-) awarded for EACH hole tied

Results & Payouts

By Point - Team's will be awarded $$ for the difference in points between the two teams for each match. The Amount awarded for each match will be the number of points difference (+/-) multiplied by the "Fee ($$) per Point" setting amount.

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