How Do I access my League?

If you are a member of a League, and you are not sure how to access the League:

Have you Completed your Account Set Up on Unknown Golf?

If you have never logged into Unknown Golf before, you will need to Sign Up for Access.

I have Successfully logged into Unknown Golf

Once you have logged into Unknown Golf, you should be on the "Player Portal". From your player portal, you select the League from the "Jump To League" Link at the top of the page, or you can select the "Leagues" link in the menu navigation and then click on your League.

The "Jump To League" dropdown at the top of the page will only show if you are view on a device with a large screen, it will NOT show for mobile displays.

I'm in the Wrong League

If you are in a League and you want to change to a different League, you can click on your Profile Picture in the top right corner and then select "My Leagues", this will bring you to the list of your Leagues where you can select the League to access.

You can also use the menu navigation to go back to your "Player Portal" and then select the League from there.

I do not see the League in my List

If you do not see the League listed that you want to access, you should reach out to the League Director to ensure they have added you to the league. You can also request to join a league by following this article Join League

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