Multi-Round Match Play (Round Robin Assignment)

Multi-Round Events that are configured for Match Play, there is an Option to "Auto Create" the matches for each Round.

From the Event (Not Round) homepage, click the matches button at the top to access the Match Play listing for the overall Event.

Auto Create Matches by Round Robin Assignment

To auto create the matches for all of the Rounds by Robin Robin Assignment, click the "Assign Round Robin" button at the top of the page. When prompted to confirm, click the "Run Assignment" button.

For each Round, Players / Teams will be assigned a Match with a different player / team in their Flight. If more rounds exist then the number of teams, then Players / Teams will be assigned a match against a player / team they have already played.

Round Match Listing

You can filter to view the list of Matches for the Event Rounds, to filter change the values in the dropdown box at the top of the Match Listing.

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