Test League Event Set Up (Simulate Scores)

Testing an Event will enter "Test Scores" for every Player / Team allowing you to see what your Event Results and Leaderboards will look like once all scores are entered for the Event.

All "Test Scores" will remain in Unknown Golf Only, they will NOT be posted to the GHIN System!!

Test the Event

To run the Test for the Event, start by going to the Event homepage and then clicking on the "Simulate Scores" button at the top.

Please be Patient, depending on the number of Players for your Event, it may take update to 2 Minutes to complete the Test.

Clear / Reset the Test

After you have reviewed the Test and made any necessary changes, you can clear the test by clicking the "Remove Simulated Scores" button at the top of the Event homepage.

If you manually edited any of the scores that were entered as part of the Test, you will need to manually Delete those scores, they will NOT be deleted when you click the "Remove Simulated Scores" button.

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