Leaderboard Base Configuration - Squad

The Squad Option is available for Multi-Round Leaderboards Only

Configuring a Leaderboard for Squads will allow you to group up your players into Squads and results will be shown at the Squad Level.

Some of the common Events that would use the Squad feature are "Ryder Cup" formats, "Interleague" formats where each League be it's own Squad.

The following configuration settings are available on Multi-Round Leaderboards to configure:

Squad Configurations

  1. Squad - If Yes, the Event is able to add player to Squads and the Results for this Leaderboard will display by overall Squad Results.
  2. Use All Scores - If yes, the the scores for all players / teams will be used for the overall Squad score.
    If Use All Scores is set to NO, the following options will need to be set.
    1. Number Best Scores - The number of best Player / Team scores to be used for the overall Squad Score
    2. Number Worst Scores - The number of worst Player / Team Scores to be used for the overall Squad Score
The number of scores, can be only Best, only worst, or a combination

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