How to Configure Optional / Buy-in Leaderboard

If you want to configure an optional "Buy In" Leaderboard, or a simpler way to say that you want to create a leaderboard where players for the event have a choice to participate to not.

The most common use of this format is an "Optional" Skins game within an Event, where players can participate in the Skins game for an set buy in amount ($$).

Steps to Configure

  1. You will want to set up your Leaderboard the same way as if all players were participating, and set your "Per Player $$) to the amount of the buy in. Example if it is an optional $10 Skins Game, then set $10 in the Per Player $$ field
  2. To set the Optional part of the game, you will need to ensure that "Flights" are enabled for your Event / Round. For information on Flighting, reference article League Event Settings (Single Round)
  3. Create the Flights for your Optional Leaderboard and only assign the players that Opted / Paid to be in the Game. Players that did NOT opt-in to participating, leave them Unassigned to the Leaderboard Flight.
Most Leagues that offer an Opt-in Skins Game for their Event offer both a "Net" and "Gross" skins. Keep in mind that if you are offering both, you will need to create 2 Different Leaderboards, 1 for Net and 1 for Gross. You will then also need to set the Flights and Assign the players that opted-in for both Leaderboards.

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