Validate League Event Set Up

Unknown Golf has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine that will review your Event Set Up and alert you to any possible issues.

Run Validation

To run the Validation for the Event, start by going to the Event homepage and then clicking on the "Validate Set Up" button at the top.

The Validation for Multi-Round Events will validate the Overall Event and all Rounds.

Validation Results

The Validation Results can be categorized as:

Not ALL Errors & Warnings need to be fixed, they may be correct per your set up. It is important to review the Errors and Warning and make a decision if you feel they need to be fixed.
  1. Error - Most likely will result in your Event not functioning and providing inaccurate results. All Errors should be fixed, or you should confirm that the Error is acceptable based on the desired Event Set Up.
  2. Warning - Possibility of your Event not functioning and providing inaccurate results Warnings should be reviewed, and you should determine based on the Potential Issues if they need to be fixed.
  3. Pass - The set up for these validations all look good and no action is needed.
  4. Fixed - Unknown Golf took the initiative to fix this error, No further Action is needed.

Fix Validation Errors & Warnings

If your Event has Validation Errors or Warnings, you can click on the "Fix" or "View" link to the far right of the result to fix the Error / Warning.

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