League Join Request (Approve / Deny)

Approval or Denial of a League Join request is performed on the "League Join Requests" page. To access using the menu navigation go to "Admin Settings -> Join Requests".

When reviewing the League Join requests, you may want to check if the player requesting to join may already have an account with your League under a different Email Address. If the player does, we recommend update the player's account with the email address in the Join Request, then after update the email then approve the Join Request.

To Approve a request, click the "Approve" link, and to deny the request click the "Deny" link.

After approving a request, the League Welcome email is automatically sent to the player. For additional information on the Welcome Email check the New League Player Notification article.

Any request that is denied, NO communication is sent to the Player, if you wish to inform the player of denying their request you will need to send them a personal email.

League Homepage - New User Request Display

Where there are players who request to Join your League is still pending, you will notice a new section displayed on the right hand side of the League homepage. You can quickly access their Request to approve or deny, by clicking on the Number in the in this section.

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