League Event Teams (Set Rounds Teams same as Overall Event)

This feature only applies to Multi-Round Events where you want to set the Teams for the Event and have the same Teams for every Round

To keep the teams the same for every round as the Event, make sure that in your Overall Event Settings you have selected to "Keep the Round Teams Same as Overall Event"

If you have selected to keep the Round Teams the Same as the Overall Event Teams, then when creating & editing teams you will want to do this from the Teams Section for the Overall Event and not the Teams Section for each of the Rounds

When teams for a Round are set to be in sync with the Overall event, you will see the message on each Team in the Round Teams Section that says "Linked to Event Team". You will notice that you cannot edit the team when it is linked, that is because all changes to a team should be made to the Teams at the Overall Event level and not for the round.

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