TV Display Live Leaderboard (League Event)

Live Leaderboard TV Displays can be displayed via our Amazon FireStick / TV App or cast to a TV from a Computer.

Amazon FireStick / TV

If you have an Amazon FireStick you will want to download the Unknown Golf located in the Amazon App Store on your FireStick.

If you have recently purchased your Amazon FireStick, you will want to go through the initial set up process for the FireStick before being able to download the Unknown Golf App.

When you first open the Unknown Golf App on the Amazon FireStick you will be prompted for your Event Id, you can locate this Id on your Event Homepage.

Cast to TV From your Computer

You can cast the Live Leaderboards directly from your Computer to a TV by going to the Leaderboards section on the Event Homepage and clicking the "TV Display" button.

Configuring the TV Display

Once the TV Display is opened, the menu navigation will be present allowing you to select the Leaderboards to display and your Zoom Level.

Once you make your selections for the Leaderboards to display, you can hide the menu navigation by selecting the "Hide Settings" button.

To access the menu Navigation again, you can click on the "Cog" in the top right corner of your screen.

The TV Display can show up to 4 different leaderboards on a Single TV Display, scrolling through the places and flights.

Display of 4 Leaderboards
Display of 2 Leaderboards

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