Share Event with other Leagues (Interleague Event)

An Interleague (Shared) event is a Single or Multi-Round Event that takes place between 2 or more Leagues on Unknown Golf.

When creating an Interleague (Shared) event, the event will show up in each of the Leagues that the Event is configured to be shared with. The players available for the Event will the combined Players list from all Leagues the Event is shared with, and the League Director(s) for each League will be able to set up the Event.

Only the League Director(s) from the League where the Event was initially created will have access to edit the Event Settings & Format. The League Directors from the other Leagues will have all other access to configure the event.

This setting is popular for couples Events that have players from the Clubs MGA and LGA League, and also for Ryder Cup type events between 2 or more different Golf Clubs.

How to Share an Event with another League

To share your Event with another League, go to the Event Settings and scroll down to the "Share Event With League" section. Search for the League to share with and select the league. There is no Limit to the Number of leagues an event can be shared with.

Security Check: You will only be able to share an Event with Leagues where you have League Director access in both. Example, Club Professional sharing an Event between the MGA & LGA. If you need to share an Event with another Golf Club, please contact Unknown Golf.

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