Marker Validation

Marker Validation - Paper Scorecard Elimination

We have a new feature available in Unknown Golf that essentially eliminates the need for paper scorecards and for you to validate scores when the players come in.  Here is how it works:

1. Enable the "Marker" Validation in the Event / Round Settings.

2. With the "Marker" option enabled, all players (or teams if Scramble / Alt Shot) will have to have at least 2 different players keeping score.

3. While players are Scoring on the course, if they do NOT have another player scoring for them, they will receive an Alert every time they save a hole score notifying them that they need to have a maker.  Also, every time they enter a score, if their Marker has entered a different score, both the player and the Marker will receive an Alert that there is a hole score discrepancy that they need to resolve.

Player alerted that they need another player to keep score

Player alert that the maker has a different hole score entered

4. Player's will not be able to "Sign" their digital scorecard at the end of the round unless another player is also keeping score for them and ALL of the hole scores match.

What "Marker Validation" does for you?

You no longer need to check scorecards after the round is over, the only way that Player scores can make it to the Official scores is if there is a minimum of 2 players keeping score for each player and both scores match.

All you will need to do is make sure all players have official scores submitted and track down any that did not do Live Scoring and have them enter their scores digitally.  To help with encouraging a player to enter their scores digitally, or if they come in and give you a Paper Scorecard with scores, you can show them a QR Code from your Phone or printed out and ask them to Scan the QR Code and then enter the scores.

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