Player Stableford Quota (Auto Adjust)

To "Auto Adjust" the Player's Stableford Quota for a round, start by going to Event / Round homepage and then click on the "Stableford Quota(s)" button at the top.

Once on the Stableford Quota(s) page, select the Stableford Quota Leaderboard to Auto Adjust and then select the "Auto Adjust Quotas" button at the top.

Auto Adjust Quotas Methods

You can Auto Adjust the Quotas by the following two methods:

  1. Previous Round "To Quota" Score - Adjust all Player's Quota for the Round by a Percentage based on their "To Quota" score on the Previous Round
  2. Custom Adjust - Various different ways to adjust the Quotas

Auto Adjust - % of Previous Round "To Quota" Score

To auto Adjust by the Player's Previous Round "To Quota" Score, the base quota for the Player will be the Quota of their Previous Round and then this rounds Quota will be adjusted UP or DOWN by the % of how far they scored to that Quota.

Steps to Auto Adjust:

  1. Click on the "Adjust Quotas" Button at the top of the Page
  2. Click on the "By Previous Round Score" button
  3. Set the Percentage to Adjust by and then click the "Adjust All Quotas" button

Screenshot of Quotas that were auto adjusted by 50% of the Previous Round Score

Auto Adjust - Custom Adjust

To Custom Adjust the Quotas for a Round:

  1. Click on the "Adjust Quotas" Button at the top of the Page
  2. Click the "Custom Adjust" Button
  3. Enter / Select the options on how to adjust and then click the "Adjust Quotas" button

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