Leaderboards - Stableford Individual: TILT

An optional variation of a Stableford game to make it more interesting: TILT

Typically played as Net Stableford with no quota, and with negative points for net double bogey or worse.

Begins as a standard Stableford. But things ramp up when a player makea a net birdie, which puts them on TILT. The next hole is the worth 2x the standard points, both positive and negative.

It really gets wild if the player gets hot. Two net birdies in a row puts you on Triple Tilt, and thenext hole is worth 3x the amount of points.

A net eagle is treated as two birdies in a row. If you make a net eagle (assuming you’re not already on tilt), you earn your standard eagle points, and you bypass the 2x to get a 3x bonus on the next hole. If you’re already on 2x Tilt, and make a (net) eagle, you’re now on 4x playing the next hole.

A net par takes you off Tilt, and makes your next hole worth the normal allotment of points.

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