Event Match Play (Set / Edit Matches)

If the "Matches" button is NOT listed at the top of the Event / Round homepage, then you most likely do not have a Match Play Leaderboard configured for the event. Refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Match Play (Individual / Team)

Manually Create each Match

Search for Team both teams / Players that are going to play against each other, and click the Create match button.

Delete / Cancel Match

To delete or cancel a Match, click the red "X" to far left of each match listing. You can also delete all Matches by clicking the "Delete Matches" button at the top.

Match (Front / Back / Overall)

If you are awarding points per match for Front / Back or Front / Back / Overall, you will want to create multiple Match Play Leaderboards and with the appropriate start and end holes defined for each Leaderboard.

Once the Multiple Leaderboards are set, you can create your matches for each of the Leaderboards.

For a Front / Back / Overall match play event, it is best to create your matches for the Overall, and then use the Load from Leaderboard button to copy those same matches to your Match Play Front and Match Play Back Leaderboards

Load From

If there are multiple Match Play Leaderboards defined for an Event / Round, you can copy "Load" the Matches from one leaderboard to another.

To Load matches from one leaderboard to another, click the "Load From Leaderboard" button at the top, then select the Leaderboard to copy from and To.

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