How to Create a Golf League?

To create a League on Unknown Golf, you will first need to Join Unknown Golf. If you are not currently a member, go to to join.

After logging into Unknown Golf, you should be brought to the "Player Portal", if you are not on your Player Portal, using the menu Navigation select "Player Portal".

On the Player Portal, you can scroll down to the "Leagues" section or select "Leagues" from the menu navigation.

On the Leagues, section click the "Create League" button and then fill out the following information:

  1. League Name - Name for your League, if the name is already taken you will be alerted to select a new name. The name must not be offensive and may be changed slightly during the Approval process.
  2. Home Golf Course - Golf Course that you will play most of your rounds from or the Golf Course you would consider your "Home Course".
  3. About League - Brief description of the League and the general format of play to be reference during the Approval Process

Once your League is Approved, you will receive an email and the League will show in your Player Portal for you to being configuration.

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