Event Match Play (Set Wheel Player / Team)

If the "Match Wheel" button is NOT showing on the Event / Round homepage, then you do NOT have any Match Play Wheel Leaderboards

To set the Wheel Player / Team for your event, start by going to the Event / Round homepage and then clicking on the "Match Wheel" button at the top.

Assign Player to Wheel

There is NO Limit to the number of players that can be assigned to the Wheel. When more then 1 Player assigned to the Wheel, the matches will be against teams of the same number of players.

Each Match Play Wheel Leaderboard that is defined for the Event will Players assigned to the Wheel.

The dropdown to select the Leaderboard will ONLY show when there are 2 or More Match Play Wheel Leaderboards

To assign a Player to the Wheel, select the Leaderboard and search for the Player to add.

Assign Random Player to Wheel

To Assign a Random player to the Wheel, select the Leaderboard and press the "Assign Random Player" button.

Remove Player from Wheel

To remove a player from the Wheel, click the red "X" next to the player's name.

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