League Player (Edit / Delete)

To edit or delete a League Player, you will need to go to the Update Player Profile Page. Using your menu navigation go to "Players -> Players List". Click on the player you wish to edit or search for the player. On the Player's profile page, click the "Update Profile" button at the top of their profile page.

On the Update profile page, you can edit any of the information and hit save. For security reasons, you are not able to edit or change their password.

If you are presented a message when updating their Email address that another profile exists with this email, you will need to contact Unknown Golf to validate and merge the profiles.

To delete the player, click on the "Delete Player" button at the top of the "Update Profile" page.

If a player has played in an Event for your League, you will not be able to Delete the Player. If they are no longer part of the League, you can change their "League Status" to Not a member or if you want to ensure they cannot access the league you can set their account to be "Not Active".

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