Leaderboard Configuration - Team (Scramble / Alternate Shot)

The Team (Scramble / Alternate Shot) Leaderboard can be used for events where only a Team Score will be recorded on every hole.

Leaderboard Common Configurations

This leader has the following common configurations available with links to their articles:

  1. Base Configuration - The Base configuration for the Leaderboard, refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Base Settings
  2. Flight (Event Settings Override) - The Flight Settings for the Leaderboard (If different from the Event / Round Settings), refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Flights (Event Setting Override)
  3. Calcutta - The Calcutta Settings for the Leaderboard, refer to article Leaderboard Base Configuration - Calcutta
  4. Results & Places - Configuration for how to show the places and award the winnings for the Leaderboard, refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Results by Places

Team (Scramble / Alternate Shot) Configuration

This leaderboard, in addition to the common leaderboard configurations listed above, can be set to use a Team's "Gross" or "Net" score.

When using the "Net" score, the handicap used for each team will be defined by the "Player Handicap Type" set in the Base Configurations for the Leaderboard

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