What are Finalized Results?

Finalized Results are the final results and payouts that have been calculated for the Event.

Single Round Event

Results for Single Round Events are auto calculated and displayed with every score entry. These results will display with an "UNOFFICIAL RESULTS" banner displayed at the top of the results.

Once all Scores are entered and the results are approved by the League Director, they will be finalized by pressing the "Finalize Results" button located under the "Results" section on the Event homepage.

After the Results have been finalized, the "UNOFFICIAL RESULTS" banner will no longer be displayed.

Multi-Round Event

There is NO display of "UNOFFICIAL RESULTS" for a Multi-Round Event, after all scores are entered the League Director will need to Finalize the Results.

To Calculate the Finalized results for a Multi-Round Event, click the "Official Results" button at the top of the Event homepage and the press the "Calculate Final Results" button.

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