Leaderboard Configuration - Match Play (Field Matches)

Match Play (Field Matches) - Match Play event were every team will have a Match against every other team in the field. Example, if there are 5 Teams in the field, then all 5 Teams will have 4 Different Matches for the event.

The Match Play Leaderboard can be used for events where scores will be entered on each hole for either a Player or Team.

All Match Play is "Team Match Play" on Unknown Golf, for "Individual Match Play" configure for Team and then create Teams of 1 player.

Leaderboard Common Configurations

This leader has the following common configurations available with links to their articles:

  1. Base Configuration - The Base configuration for the Leaderboard, refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Base Settings
  2. Flight (Event Settings Override) - The Flight Settings for the Leaderboard (If different from the Event / Round Settings), refer to article Leaderboard Configuration - Flights (Event Setting Override)

Individual or Team Match Play

Match Play can configured by making a selection to the "Individual or Team" dropdown:

  1. Team (Player Scores) - Team Scores by Hole using the same configuration used for Team (Best Ball)
  2. Team (Scramble / Alternate Shot) - Team Score by Hole (Scores entered into Unknown Golf will be by Team and NOT by Individual Player)

Team Score Configuration

The Team score is built though the Team Best Ball Configuration, reference Article Leaderboard Configuration - Team (Best Ball) Stroke Play

Match Play Configuration

The Match Play configurations are by first defining how the Handicaps should be assigned and then adding up the points awarded for the Team.

The Team Points are the addition of the points accrued in the following sections:

  1. Overall Match (Win / Lose / Tie)
  2. Match Hole (Win / Lose / Tie)
Wheel off of Lowest Handicap of Match

This is NOT an option for this Leaderboard, all matches will be played with the player's / team's full Playing Handicap.

Overall Match Points (Optional)
  1. Win Match (Pts) - Points (+/-) awarded for winning the match
  2. Lose Match (Pts) - Points (+/-) awarded for losing the match
  3. Tie Match (Pts) - Points (+/-) awarded for tying the match
Match Hole Points (Optional)
  1. Point(s) for each Hole Won - Points (+/-) awarded for EACH hole won
  2. Point(s) for each Hole Lost - Points (+/-) awarded for EACH hole Lost
  3. Point(s) for each Hole Tied - Points (+/-) awarded for EACH hole tied

Results & Payouts

There are two different Payout types that you can configure for this Leaderboard:

  1. Places - This payout time will award by places as defined above in the Leaderboard Base Configuration - Results by Places. The teams will be ranked by their total points awarded over all of the matches.
  2. By Point - Team's will be awarded $$ for the difference in points between the two teams for each match. The Amount awarded for each match will be the number of points difference (+/-) multiplied by the "Fee ($$) per Point" setting amount.

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