Print Players List (League Event)

To print the Player's List for the Event, start by going to the Event homepage and then clicking on the "Print Center" button at the top. On the Print Center click the "Player List" button.

If you select to print using 2 or more columns, then you will need to use the "Preview" button to view the print out in the Web Page and then print directly from your Web Browser.

There are a few options for how to display the Player's list:

  1. List By - How the Players will be listed / grouped together
    1. Last Name - By Last Name
    2. Flight - By Flight
    3. Handicap - By Handicap
  2. Order - Sort order Ascending or Descending
  3. Show Team - If the Event is a Team Event you can have the Team Name listed beside the player's name
  4. Show Start Tee - If yes, show the Starting Tee Hole # for the Player
  5. Show Start Time - If yes, show the Starting Tee Time for the Player
  6. Show Flight - If yes, show the Flight name for the player
  7. Number of Columns - Number of Columns to list Players on, if 2 is selected all players will be displayed in the two columns. ** Please Note the Warning Above when printing for 2 or more columns
  8. Text Size - Size of the Text, if you have a larger number of players and you want to shrink to fit on one page you can change the text size.

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