TV Display Live Leaderboard (League Event)

The Live Leaderboard TV Display is located in the Live Score Portal for the Event. To access the Live Score Portal for the Event, go to the Event homepage (If Multi-Round Event go to the Round Homepage) and then click the "Live Score" button at the top.

Scrolling TV Display

On the Live Score Homepage for the Event, select the Leaderboard that you want to display. At the bottom of the Leaderboard is the settings to turn the Leaderboard into a "Scrolling TV Display". To active the Scrolling TV Display change the setting from "In-Active" to "Active".

Activating the Scrolling TV Display will hide the header information and only display the leaderboard.

Full Screen

After the Scrolling TV Display is Activated you can make the display "Full Screen" by updating the "Full Screen" setting on your browser.

Enlarge Text / View

To make the Leaderboard Text Larger, you can update your browser settings to "Zoom" to enlarge the text. While Zooming, you can update the # of Places to Scroll for an optimal display of places for your display.

Display Multiple Leaderboards

If you want to display Multiple Leaderboards, open up additional browsers and size and place them as desired for your optimal display.

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